"I have always found gym work to be a boring chore, until I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jason. Jason has a confident and friendly approach to training, and identified my agenda from the start ie to tone up, reduce weight, improve both my core and cardiovascular fitness in preparation for skiing. I was impressed with his knowledge, and experience, and have continued to work out with Jason's support for some 12 months now. He delivers a different session every time, and uses a range of alternative types of equipment in order to work the various muscle groups. My favorites include TRX, freerunner, core bar and bosu. Variety is the key for me, and with every session being unique and interesting I intend to continue my regular training sessions with Jason"
Dawn, Exeter
Being the Health & Fitness Manager & Having worked at Fitness First in Exeter for over 4 years
I have had the privilege of working alongside Jason who I have found to be a trainer who really stands out.
I have seen first hand the incredible results Jason's clients have achieved from his support & training. he has
built an impressive reputation & client base within Fitness First. This friendly, reliable, knowledgeable & professional trainer will guarantee you your results, using the latest unique up to date nutrition & training methods.
Lee Adams, Health & Fitness Manager, fitness first, Exeter
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"I have been a member of several different health clubs over the last 30 years. I started with Jason at the trainers edge trainer about 11 months ago. The training has put me in great overall physical condition. I have greater physical strength than I’ve had in years and a number of minor pains, primarily in my back and knees have gone away completely. My last ski trip was greatly enhanced by the additional strength and stamina I have developed since working with Jason."
Peter, Exmouth
"I have been training with Jason for the last year and must admit that he has taken my fitness development from strength to strength. He has worked on my core strength and conditioning. During our last session he introduced my TRX suspension training Plus the new TRX Rip trainer and low and behold i am working out regions i never thought were possible. i have always been at a good level of fitness instilled in me from my martial arts days Ninjitsu & Jiu-jitsu. and was a sprinter in my college days (Training in the same camp as Olympic Gold medalist Linford Christie). So my advise if you looking for an alternative yet thorough workout then TRX and TRX Rip trainer is for you. the range of possible routines is almost infinite, and the best thing is it is your own body mass, you are using to the Max. (Thank you Jason). "
James Dolor, Exeter
"Jason incorporates training and healthy yet practical nutritional tips into his program for each individual client, in accordance with their goals. In each training session, along with a vigorous workout, Jason always provides useful and informative training and eating tips. Through Jason's guidance, my weight, body fat % and general physical fitness are all within recommended guidelines for my height and age. Friends and family have been impressed with the changes in me and I feel better in myself. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks again Jason"
Selwyn, Sidmouth
More testimonials from Satisfied clients
"I started training with Jason 6 months ago as I wanted to lose 3 stone in weight. I had tried joining the gym and I followed various crash diets but never managed to lose weight and keep it off long term. ...nothing seemed to work. But this year I vowed to do something about it once and for all. With the help of Jason, I’m getting there!"
Jo, Exeter
Body composition
Weight reduced (3kg)
Body fat reduced by 3%
BMI dropped by 4
Physical tests
800m run time down by 35 secs from 7 mins to 6.25
Press ups increase from 21 to 30.

So far I have managed to lose nearly 1 stone in 8 weeks and have never felt fitter or been happier. I really enjoy the training and although it can be challenging, Jason always keeps me motivated throughout. The only problem I have is that I need to buy new clothes for my holiday, as my old ones are now too big!" - I cannot recommend Jason highly enough - if you are prepared to work hard you WILL see results."
Keith Edwards
, Exeter
"Jason always adapts a training programme to your needs. He establishes where you are now, to where you want to be, and within the programme includes an individuals purpose - in my case, skiing. He is a friendly but firm instructor. I particularly like his explanation, demonstration and method of teaching. He demonstrates an ability to adapt or change a session once started if appropriate". 
Gary, Exeter
"Jason provided some informative facts and figures to get us on the right track to healthy living. What I liked most about his method was the calculations he gave me to help with balancing calories. I can now relate the food I eat to energy in vs energy out and I found this information an excellent tool for working out the amount of daily calories I need for my lifestyle.” 
Dansy Brunton, Kent
Body composition
Weight reduced (5kg)
Body fat reduced by 3%
BMI drop By 3
Physical tests
800m run time down by 30 secs from 6.40 to 6.10
Press ups increase from 27 to 36.

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with a trainer with such great qualities, Jason has kept me motivated,
fit and always up for more!" And thanks to his excellent coaching, my own workouts are much more effective.
I'd highly recommend Jason’s services to anyone wanting to take their fitness to another level.”

Paul, Newton Abbot
Having never used a personal trainer before, I was unsure of the expectation of having one. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of Jason from the 1st meeting. Every week since he has been professional, enthusiastic and prepares in advance of our sessions with something new to try. He not only explains each exercise to you but he shows them to you - proving they are achievable. It is hard keeping yourself motivated, but Jason introduces new twists on exercises you know which makes you want to keep going. He is incredibly informative and encouraging. Jason has guided me not to a health phase, but a whole new lifestyle, so a huge thank you for pushing and making me "keep going" on those days when I did not feel like putting the most into my training. 
Pam, Exeter
"My husband Dave and I have been training twice a week with Jason for about 5 months and we are extremely happy with the results. Not only have we lost quite a lot of weight but we have also become a lot stronger and feel much more healthy and fit. Jason has been very supportive and patient with us and he really motivates us to stay on track. He really knows his stuff and is able to explain things to us in a down to earth way. He is always cheerful and on time!"
Caroline and Dave, Exeter 

My trainer Jason demonstrated his expertise and knowledge and is clearly a different kind of fitness professional.
Using innovative techniques and exercises, Our workout is intense but I always feel great afterwards. Very glad I did it – Thank you!”

Laura, Torquay
"Having spoken to a number of different personal trainers,
I chose Jason as my trainer because he seemed very professional. He didn't let me down.
Jason was always reliable, enthusiastic and well-prepared for our sessions. With his help and advice, I achieved my fitness and weight targets within 10 weeks." Training with Jason was one of the smartest decisions I have made"

Judy Lawson
, Dawlish