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A weak core can lead to back, hip neck problems, leading to headaches joint injury sleep problems stress and more…. A strong core gives you power aiding in moves that you might not guess are connected. The Abdominal Wall has many different layers of muscles and in order to get the best results, we must work all of these together. This improves the body’s ability to support and protect the lower back, whilst making the entire body stronger for any activity. Focus on the core for an improved quality of life! The list of benefits goes on, so let’s finish off by suggesting that a six pack kind of looks good too!! 
Resistance training focuses on applying a resistance to a given muscle to increase the strength and tone of that muscle.
Using a variety of resistance techniques, from Machines, free weights, body weight to even some Unique Tools and Equipment that Jason has found/studied,
Set in a specific periodic program, will cause the body to adapt and strengthen itself.
This, in turn will create a body that is stronger, Fitter and most importantly healthier.
Combining a healthy eating plan with a well-structured exercise routine and training techniques is the only proven way to lose weight and maintain your healthy new look. whilst also educating you on what and when to eat will give you the power to manage your weight for good.
The Trainers Edge will offer you the best Advice/guidance available and lifestyle choices that can help achieve your best possible results.
One of the most fundamental factors of training for any specific sport e.g. Marathons, Golf, Skiing, Football, MMA etc is to understand how the body functions within that given sport ( eg stresses on Knee for football, Shoulder rotation for MMA) Following a specially designed programme that strengthens and replicates the movements from that given sport will increase your body’s performance and recovery whilst competing. (Eg Pivoting the leg for Skiing), This will not only keep you injury free but will more importantly, give you the winning edge over your competitors.  
Get with the movement 
Using your own body weight at resistance TRX Suspension Training gives you a fully functional full body workout. Although used by the US marines and serious athletes TRX can be adapted for all strength levels. A calorie burning pulse raising fully functional sport specific core strengthening workout! With 100’s of moves the intensities can be changed with the angles used. While the TRX gives you a fantastic all over work out the core is indirectly being worked constantly. When working the core directly I personally have not come across anything that comes close to the TRX.  
Are you wanting to look good for your big day? Bridefit is a 12 week individual programme helping you to achieve the results that you want.
The programme combines personal training sessions and nutritional advice, based on 2 x 1 hour sessions per week.
Special packages also available for Bride & Groom or Bride & Bridesmaids.
The use of body weight and free weights is a fantastic way to shape and tone the body. Following a full body workout programme that uses weights and other pieces of equipment like Swiss balls and BOSU will help you shape up all those annoying areas whilst making you feel stronger all over. This will progress you to your goal of having a toned body with fantastic shape.