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How To Find A Personal Trainer Exeter and Devon
DO NOT Hire a Personal Trainer In Exeter and Devon Until You Read The Following CRITICAL Information!

Exeter and Devon has a lot of Personal Trainers. Many of these personal trainers are good, some great, and many leave quite a lot to be desired. So choosing the right one can seem a little daunting.
Most seem to be 20 year olds, who will proudly introduce themselves as
'Hi I'm a personal trainer and I know Everything'.
More often than not The truth is all they have done is have their parents pay for a 2 month course with Premier Training, Future fit, or at the local college, Churning them out in their dozens. Is 2 months really enough?
When choosing a Personal trainer in Exeter and Devon, or any local city, do your homework!

What is a Personal Trainer?

Well, a personal trainer is someone who helps you to exercise correctly.
A ton of jokes could be made right now…but I'll refrain, as hard as it may be!

Personal trainers help you to stay accountable for your exercise routine.
Personal trainers teach you how to exercise safely and effectively.
Personal trainers help guide your diet. Personal trainers support you through your effort to change your body and get/keep it in shape.

The value is clear to those who have had great personal trainers, but personal trainers do cost money, so it is important to select the right one for you!

What to look for in a Personal Trainer:

The personal trainer you exercise with should be qualified. They need to know how to work with your body. They need an education!

Every personal trainer should be certified, that is just a given. However there are many different certifications, some are good, some are not.

A step above certification would be formal collegiate education.
A personal trainer with a degree is at the top of the field.

Continuing education of your personal trainer is also important. Do they just have one base of knowledge, or have they gone above and beyond to learn many fitness and personal training techniques?

Can they articulate their knowledge to you? They should not only be educated, but smart and able to communicate with you…Many personal trainers have a lot of education, but cannot speak to the public because they cannot transition from books to human experience (they cannot communicate to the lay-person).

Personal trainers should have experience. Let someone else break in the newbie.

How many people have they trained? Have they trained people seeking the same results that you are searching for? Do they have testimonials from satisfied clients?

Background & Diversity
What does the personal trainer bring to the table? Does the personal trainer only know how to instruct one style of fitness?

A good personal trainer should be well versed in many different forms of fitness. This actually reflects directly on experience and time in the profession, but it also shows desire. A great personal trainer is extremely well versed in a variety of different training theories.

Client History
Look For Results
A great personal trainer should be able to show a history of client success.

You should be able to find this list before you even meet the trainer for the first time!
Do a Google search for your trainer! Can you even find them? OR do they show up everywhere?

But Why Me - Jason Depaoli - The Trainers Edge

The reason for this, is that to say that Myself Jason Depaoli have all these qualities and more with many years of training, Skiing, TRX and then actually teaching/coaching in these disciplines and more.
Ultimately I have been there and done it; after all these years I still enjoy training, and my life is dedicated to helping others to help themselves- educating as well as training and motivating, guiding you through the minefield that is the fitness industry and getting you the best results you possibly can, safely and in the shortest time.
I have what you need to take you to where you want to be, Whatever you fitness/ body building needs..

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